Goals, Objectives, & Values


The goals of Cross Country Saskatchewan are:

  •  Develop and maintain full service clubs
  •  Development of Coaches and Officials
  •  Develop athletes to compete at the provincials level as well as the national level
  •  Assist clubs in the development of trails and facilities
  •  Assist in the development of Para-Nordic programs
  •  Encouragement of recreational skiing
  •  Increase youth involvement through the Skill Development Program
  •  Ensure good communication with our members


The objectives of Cross Country Saskatchewan are:

  • To promote member clubs and to encourage development of more full service clubs in the province 
  • To promote loppets and races as provincial events.
  •  To host major national competitions
  •  To increase the number of recreational and competitive participants
  •  To strive towards competitive excellence
  •  To promote a healthy physical & mental lifestyle
  •  To facilitate programs/activities (loppets and races)
  •  To represent the Saskatchewan division at Cross Country Canada, Sask Sport and  Sask Ski
  •  Respond to direction and guidance from CCC, Sask Sport, Sask Ski and member clubs


The values of Cross Country Saskatchewan are: 

  • Fun is a natural aspect of the sport
  •  CCS will listen to the needs of member clubs and aid in direction
  •  The sport promotes a healthy lifestyle for all people
  •  The sport promotes a respect and an appreciation for the environment 
  •  Volunteerism is the driving force behind all clubs
  •  It is all inclusive, inter-generational, and fair play based