CCS News

35th Annual Carlton Trail Valentine's Loppet Cancelled

         Dear fellow cross-country skiers, this evening, after much deliberation, we have decided to cancel our loppet for this year. 

          Due to very warm weather, crazy amounts of rain, and very little new snow, we are left with nearly un-useable trails, un-groom-able trails, and really no other choice, but to abandon our loppet for this year.  We are the fourth of four provincial loppets scheduled so far this season that has not been able to take place.  It is a goofy winter to say the least.

           We would like to thank you all for your interest in attending our event and supporting our club.  We look forward to seeing you next year, for our 36th Annual Valentine’s Loppet.  Maybe next year will be a bit more normal.

           Also, many thanks to any of you who have donated door prizes, or who have said they would.  They will be kept for use next year.  And thanks very much to all who had committed to volunteering to help run our loppet.  We will call on your expertise next year again. 

           Thank you everyone.  Mother Nature is the Boss.  See you on the ski trails, sooner or later!!!!


           Valentine’s Loppet Committee Organizers,                 Wanda and Brad Lefebvre