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Don Allen Saskaloppet 2017

The 34th annual Don Allen Saskaloppet will go ahead at La Ronge on Friday, March 3 & Saturday, March 4, 2017, with the two-day overnight Kupesewin events starting at 12:30 noon on Friday, March 3 and all other events starting Saturday, March 4.

Since we are still continuing with clean-up on our regular Saskaloppet Trail, this year’s Saskaloppet will again be held at the Don Allen Trails located 20 km north of La Ronge.  In addition to the overnight Kupesewin events, there will be a full range of distance options offered on Saturday, March 4, i.e., 3-km, 10-km, 20-km, 30-km and 45-km events.

Registration for this year’s Saskaloppet will be online at  The registration file has now been submitted to Zone4 and should be open to the public very shortly.  Deadline for early registrations is Monday, February 27 and the deadline for late registrations is Thursday, March 2 at 9:00 a.m.