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Training Camps for 2017 Training Season

Hi All,

I hope April's treating you well. I imagine for many of you the ski season seems like a distant memory already, but from what I've seen winter hasn't exactly given up on parts of Northern Saskatchewan.

First of all, I just wanted to congratulate everybody on the completion of another ski season. Of course it's cliche to say, but like any ski season, it was full of ups and downs: challenging weather, lots of travel, sickness, sport vs. school balance, was countered with well-run and well-attended provincial races, three solid provincial training camps, fun and successful out-of-province race trips, and lots of improvement all around. 

I wanted to give you a heads up on the dates set for CCS Training Camps this coming training season. There aren't many details in terms of an exact schedule for each camp or who guest coaches will be, but at least you'll have the dates so you know to set aside those days if you're interested.

CCS Spring Dryland Camp in Regina - June 9-11

(accommodation will probably be responsibility of attendees, stay tuned for suggested locations)

-activities will include running (with and without poles), strength training, and roller skiing

Camp will be designed for cross country ski athletes in age categories Midget and older


CCS Fall Dryland Camp in Waskesiu - September 22-24

(will aim for group accommodation again, not yet booked)

-activities will include running race, strength training, rollerskiing, and ski hiking

"High Performance" part of the camp will be designed for athletes Midget-aged and older

We will also welcome Midget-aged skiers (with less race experience) and Bantam-aged skiers in a separate group, which will join the older group for some parts of the camp, but will complete it's own  age-appropriate training with a coach dedicated to that group.

CCS Early Season Snow Camp in Lake Louise - November 12-18

(hostel accommodation already booked)

-ideally, all of the training during this camp will be carried out on skis, on snow. 50% skate and 50% classic.

Camp will designed for experienced skiers, Midget-aged and older. The camp will require athletes to ski a bare minimum of an hour a day for 5 consecutive days.


As always, please let me know if you have questions about anything.


Andrew Brisbin


Cross Country Sask High Performance Coordinator