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Provincial Championships - UPDATE


 Please read the notes below carefully.

 1. Provincials are going ahead. The forecast for Saturday looks good, perhaps a little windy. If the forecast holds we may have to delay starts on Sunday to wait for the temperature to warm up. We realize that many of you will want to get on the road home and we will do our best to not delay any longer than necessary. We will provide an update at the race on Saturday.

 2. Please register today by 5 p.m. if you have not already done so. Race day registrations will not be accepted.

 3. Make sure you’re referring to the current version of the race notice (Feb. 10/11 version), not the February 3/4 version as Saturday sprints are now free technique and the Sunday distance race is classic technique (changed from Feb. 3/4 version due to changing snow conditions).

 4. The wind will be a challenge for grooming this weekend. Our intention is to have the Sunday classic courses marked for training on Saturday afternoon but we will be concentrating on keeping the Saturday sprint course in good shape so if there is drifting the classic tracks for Sunday may not be cleared until Sunday morning.

 5. An update on the high flouro wax policy was sent out to all coaches yesterday. CCS High Performance Committee noticed that the waxing restrictions in the current Sask Cup Rules that our race notice referenced are incorrect. We ask that you read and adhere to the update below, previously sent by Andrew Brisbin on behalf of the HPC.

 Organizing Committee

2018 Saskatchewan Provincial Cross Country Ski Championships

The Glide Wax Protocol means that all age groups (except for Masters) are restricted to using only non-fluoro or low fluoro glide products on their race skis.The information presented in the Provincial Race Notice states that this Glide Wax Protocol applies to athletes 18 years and under. This is incorrect. It applies to all athletes outside of the Masters age categories.

To be clear, this is in no way the fault of the Organizing Committee (Saskatoon Nordic). The CCS High Performance Committee, which sets the Sask Cup rules ahead of each season did not properly communicate this rule change to the OC. I felt like it was extremely important to clarify this before Provincials. Sorry for the last minute update.

Below is the full "CCS Glide Wax Protocol", which goes into further detail:

Cross Country Saskatchewan respectfully requests all coaches, athletes, wax technicians and parents to abide by a self-governed protocol while waxing skis for identified races taking place in Saskatchewan.  This also applies to coaches, athletes, wax technicians and parents traveling to Saskatchewan from out-of-province or out-of-country. 
Identical race wax protocols are in place for provincial level races in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. Similar protocols have been adopted in Ontario and Quebec as well. Low-fluoro glide wax protocols are not in place for Nor Am level events (Easterns, Westerns, Nationals, etc) or Loppets. Waxing restrictions at those events (if any) are determined by the race organizers in consultation with Cross Country Canada.
Low-fluoro glide waxing protocol:
·         Structure tools ARE permitted.         
·         Non-Fluoro (NF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes ARE permitted.
·         Medium Fluoro (MF) or High Fluoro (HF) glide waxes are NOT permitted.
·         Pure Fluoro glide waxes (powders, pucks, blocks and liquids) are NOT permitted.
·         Cold weather powder additives and hardeners are NOT permitted
·        Grip wax products (hard wax and klister) containing fluoros ARE permitted, as well as fluoro products that prevent icing in the kick zone.
Athletes taking part in Nor-Am level races, where fluoros are permitted (such as CCS Race Trips to Westerns and Nationals) will have their skis cleaned with a glide wax cleaner and travel waxed with a Hydrocarbon wax (CH) after the races are completed. The same procedure is expected to be performed to all skis exposed to Medium, High, and Pure Fluoro products, before they can be used in provincial-level competitions.
The following practices are not permitted:
-purposely leaving fluoro products on race skis from a previous race (where they were permitted)
-base waxing with Medium, High, or Pure Fluoro products and then applying a top layer of a low-fluoro glide was as the race wax
This protocol applies to all provincial-level races (Sask Cups, Provincials, Sask Winter Games) and for all age categories younger than Masters (Atom to Senior). Loppets are exempt from the glide wax protocol.
Adherence to the rules is self-governed and is the responsibility of the athletes, coaches, parents, and wax technicians. Following the glide wax protocol is critical for fair competition and respect, the foundation of sport.