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Sask Cup # 5 and #6 - Flin Flon - HEAD TO HEAD RACE

The race notice for Sask Cup #5 and #6 in Flin Flon has now been posted.  Please see the Sask Cup Race Series section of our website for the race notice and registration information.

 Please note the following:

 Due to weather cancelling/postponing events the CCS Executive has decided the following:

As by permitted Rule 12.3, CCS Executive has approved the designation of the Sask Cup races scheduled for January 26th and 27th in Flin Flon as "head-to-head" races as defined in section 12 of the Sask Cup Rules. Athletes must compete in the Provincial Championships and at least one classic head-to-head race and one free technique head-to-head race to be eligible for Sask Cup awards. Due to cold weather, we have had to cancel one head-to-head race in La Ronge and cancel or postpone (decision still being made) two head-to-head Sask Cup races in Saskatoon this season. The one race already held in La Ronge, the two races that comprise the SaskMan Cup, the two races in Flin Flon and the Saskatoon races, if they are rescheduled, are now the races that athletes can select from to meet the mandatory two head-to-head race requirement. Please note that the Saskatoon club is still discussing their postponed races and there is no guarantee that they will be held. They have decided not to hold them in February as the calendar is full. March is a possibility but we all know how questionable snow conditions can be then.